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Concert Photos
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Kansas City Concert Photos

These photos were taken by Josh Renaud!

Here is John Schlitt coming across the bridge from the stage to the audience. Throughout the concert, the band members would come over and sing or play in the middle of all the fans.

You can see John singing and Kevin Brandow playing guitars in this picture. This is the moment I mentioned in review, where Kevin was playing two guitars, switching back and forth between them.

It's Lonnie Chapin and his big bass guitar! Lonnie ran RIGHT past me (since I was in the front row), and played in the audience. I snapped this photo just as he was running back to the stage.

John, Kevin, and Lonnie all playing on stage. I'm sure you probably realize this, but buried behind that drumset is Louie Weaver.

Here's another close-up shot of John, after coming across the bridge again. By this time, all the kids had figured out where the prime place to be was. Anytime they saw a member of the band coming across the bridge, they'd all run in front of me. Fun for them, that's for sure. Notice John's shorter hair?

Here's Pete Orta going nuts on the bridge. I've never seen him in person before, but after this I am in awe. He sure can play the guitar!