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Concert Photos
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Kirksville, MO Concert Photos

These photos were taken by Josh Renaud!

Well, here's the band, though it's hard to see their faces. From left to right: Quinton Gibson, Louie Weaver, John Schlitt, Greg Bailey, and Bryce Bell.

John gets his groove on, and if you squint, you can see Louie in action.

Quinton and Greg do a dual jam while John belts out another tune.

This show really had great lighting, as you'll see in the next few pics.

John watches Q wail on the guitar. John seems to really like these guys and he admired Q's playing all night.

Another double jam.

Bryce and Greg share the keyboard platform.

John gets the audience to start jumping.

Louie does a mini solo before the rest of the band comes out to play the encore songs.