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Petra news

Upcoming concerts

Kirksville, MO
Pershing Auditorium
Truman State U.
7 p.m.

Port Royal, PA
Juaniata County Fair

Lake Buena Vista, FL
Night of Joy 2002
Walt Disney World

Chaska, MN
Grace Gibson Found.
6 p.m.

Helena, AR
Phillips Community College

» More concert info

John Schlitt told Petra fans the results of the band's July audition with a potential ministry partner. He said that while they gave a good performance and had a real good talk, the ministry felt it wasn't quite the right fit.

While that news is a little disappointing, John did have some encouraging news. The guys are starting to work on material for a new album. It's still very early in the planning stages, but one possibility is that the album will be produced independently. If that happens, it will be a big step of faith for Petra. Please remember to pray for the band members as they discuss this and make decisions about the next album.

Don't forget about NIGHT OF JOY 2002. Petra will perform two 45-minute sets on Sept. 7, one at 7:30 p.m. and one at 9 p.m. Bob Hartman will perform with the band for these sets, the first time he's played a Petra show in about 7 years.

» For more info: http://www.petrarocksmyworld.com/nightofjoy-rev.html

Finally, here's an idea for helping Petra: CCM Magazine is accepting nominations for their annual Reader's Choice awards. You can vote for Petra! The deadline for votes is August 31.

» For more info: http://www.ccmcom.com

Site update

Petra Rocks My World! is getting its biggest and best improvement yet, and now is your chance to check it out.

What is it? It's the "Petra Rocks The World" community — a replacement for the old messageboard of the same name. It's like a messageboard on overdrive, with instant messaging, real-time chat, polls, a calendar, and much more built into it.

The best part by far, though, is the messageboard. It's broken up into discussion categories, making it easier to find messages you want to read. You can quote messages, use UBBcode for coloring and formatting, and use a very powerful search engine to find messages on specific topics.

You can use custom graphics for to give your posts personality. You can add your contact info from services like AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo, allowing other Petra fans to get in touch with you.

"Petra Rocks The World" is still a work in progress. I installed the software this week and have been adding "mods" (extra features) to it everyday. Please understand that for a couple more weeks I will need to occasionally take it offline to work on it.

In the next newsletter, I will give you details on community chats — scheduled times when we can all get together in the chat room and talk. Stay tuned!

» Visit the new community: http://www.petrarocksmyworld.com/yabbse/

ALSO: There's a new concert review and some new photos on the site. Don't miss them!

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