Some of you have no doubt heard talk that Petra's next album would be "a rocker." Well, don't be skeptical, this time it's the real deal! Petra fans everywhere should be excited by that news. The album is coming out in summer, and I can't wait. You'll find more details below.

Also, I have a personal reason for being excited about the end of the summer. And it has to do with Petra, too. Read on to find out more!

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Petra news

Petra brings back the rock!

We've heard the rumors before, but this time it's not just talk or guesswork. Recent newsletters from John Schlitt, as well as a press release from InPop Records, make it official. Petra is bringing back the rock for their next album!

We know from John's newsletters and from fans who have talked with the guys at concerts that the band is currently writing music for the album.

According to Inpop, Petra's 22nd studio album should hit the streets in "late summer." They also say the band promises to deliver the "loud rock album" that fans have been clamoring for.

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Site news

Wedding bells

Yes, folks, it's true that even humble Petra webmasters get married eventually.

I'm writing this newsletter from Bolivia, a country in the heart of South America, and home of my fianceé Yoli Zegarra. I've been here since Jan. 16 meeting her family and spending time with her, as well as helping a seminary and some missionaries with website and publication needs.

Yoli and I got engaged on Saturday, Feb. 8. For those of you who don't know, Yoli is a huge Petra fan whose life was changed by their music. I first came to know her through my website, Petra Rocks My World! She wrote to me about 3 years ago. She was developing her own Petra site and asked for permission to translate some of the articles on my site into Spanish.

Well, that was the beginning of a weird and wonderful relationship that has brought me here to Bolivia.

Yoli has been my partner in many ways prior to our engagement. She is the one who translates this newsletter into Spanish every time it comes out. She has also been the primary person translating pages of PRMW for the Spanish version of the site.

I'm grateful to God that he brought her into my life, and we're looking forward to the future.

I do want to apologize for not updating my site in a while. That's mostly due to this trip. But Petra is still going strong and still changing lives, and still bringing people together like Yoli and I. Isn't that cool?

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