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Hello, fellow Petra fans!

It's been a while since I last sent out an email newsletter, and for that I apologize. But I have a good excuse: In November I married the love of my life, Yoli Zegarra (now Yoli Renaud). Some of you know her as the webmaster of "Petra: Sobre la Roca." She has also been my Spanish translator since I began this newsletter in 2002.

Anyway, in this newsletter you'll learn about Petra's next album, some new singles, and much more. So, keep reading!

Until next time,


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Petra news

Upcoming concerts

Owen Teck, Germany
Owener Rocknacht
Time TBA

Bogota, Colombia
Parque Simon Bolivar
Time TBA

Wilmore, KY
Ichthus Festival
4:10 p.m.

» More concert info

At long last, a Spanish album

Petra recorded its first Spanish album, Petra En Alabanza, in 1992. They have toured Latin countries many times over the years and won thousands of Spanish fans. But they never recorded another Spanish album … until now.

John and others have been back in the studio recording vocals for a Spanish version of Jekyll & Hyde. The album will be released in just a few months. For all the details, please visit my News page!

» PRMW News page:

Inpop releases new single from Jekyll & Hyde

"Would'a Should'a Could'a" was recently released to rock radio stations. This is a cool song and we need to support it!

YOU can help Petra by requesting these songs from your local Christian rock station. For info on how to do this (as well as a list of internet stations for those of you with no local radio station), visit the "Jekyll & Hyde HQ" Radio page.

One note: Do not call a station you don't listen to. Only call stations you listen to locally or over the internet.

» J&H HQ Radio page:

Updated concert listings

PRMW's concerts page has been updated with tons of new dates for 2004. These dates are compiled from multiple sources, so it has more dates and more information than any other website. Check it out and see if Petra is coming near your town!

» PRMW concerts page:

Who is in Petra now?

I've been getting this question quite a bit recently, so I thought I'd issue a reminder. Petra's current line-up is:

  • John Schlitt - vocals
  • Bob Hartman - guitars
  • Greg Bailey - bass
  • Paul Simmons - drums

Bob Hartman rejoined the band as a touring member last year. Greg has been with the band since 2002 and Paul Simmons was hired last year.

Site news

New Spanish messageboard

Well, technically this isn't news about Petra Rocks My World, but you'll be interested to read it anyway. Yoli Renaud's website, "Petra - Sobre la Roca" now has a new messageboard for Spanish-speaking fans.

It's the perfect place to discuss Petra's new Spanish album. Check it out today and meet other Petra fans who speak your language!

» Sobre la Roca forum:

Don't speak Spanish?

Well, no problem! You can still meet other Petra fans at PRMW's messageboard. If you like lively discussion about a wide range of topics related (and unrelated!) to Petra, then you'll love this board. Check it out today!

» PRMW messageboard:

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