Petra: Farewell HQ

"Petra: Farewell" song-by-song with John Schlitt and Bob Hartman

These comments were provided by Inpop Records. One note: the song "Judas' Kiss" was performed at the taping, but was cut from the CD. There is a good chance it will be included on the DVD release in 2006.

All About Who You Know

"This one's off our latest album — it's the shortest song on that album — and it's obviously talking about knowing Christ." —Hartman


"That's off the Unseen Power album and is one that people request a lot. What we're trying to do on the Farewell tour is play as many favorites as we can, and this is one that people have really asked for over the years." —Hartman

Amazing Grace

"It's such a fun song that is a take off of the version we did on Revival. This one shows off our drummer a bit at the end and is really uplifting." —Hartman

Test of Time

"That's another song from our latest album that's kind of rockin.' It really gets people going and there's a lot of excitement when we play it." —Hartman

Creed/Judas Kiss

"I play an extended solo in 'Judas Kiss.' Each song seems to work well together with messages that are both very spiritual." —Hartman

Right Place

"When everything falls away and you don't have anything but God, then you're in the right place. If you think you can do it yourself, He'll let you try, but you're not going to get very far." —Schlitt

Rock Medley

"These songs came together so well because many of them are close in tempo. We go from one right into the other, and it's fun to watch the people's faces go, 'Oh yeah!'" —Hartman

Jekyll & Hyde

"That's a big song that keeps rockin' continuously and it ends powerfully. It's the title cut from our latest record and it's a return to our rock roots." —Hartman

Acoustic Set (featuring Greg X. Volz)

"We break it down for an acoustic medley here. Our bassist plays cello and I play acoustic guitar. It's a lot of fun to do and gives the crowd a bit of a break to relax." —Hartman

Beyond Belief

"The concept of this song is simply having belief, but growing into Christ and walking with Christ beyond that belief. Many Christians might accept Christ and never grow, never be tested and never step out in faith in some part of their lives. They make a profession of Christ and then stay right there. This song is about daring to take a leap. It's been a very popular song over the years, and it was the title cut of the most successful album in our history." —Schlitt

He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

"It came from 'This Means War' and is one of the older songs that the faithful fans really like. It's one of my favorites to play and I've felt the presence of God during this song moreso than any other song in the set. It's a declaration of victory about the resurrection of Christ." —Hartman