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Concert Review
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May 2002 concerts in Germany

Reviewed by: Lukas Jacobi

The European PETRA Tour was a great blessing. It showed that PETRA is not at all finished with its ministry. They were better than ever before.

This review was written by Lukas Jacobi from the AGS Petra Club. The club was founded in 2001 to support the ministry of Petra here in Europe. AGS stands for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Its vision is to prepare a great fan church there and be able to rock the countries for Jesus.

May 8, 2002: John Schlitt solo in Augsburg / Königsbrunn, Germany

The Tour started May 8 with an exclusive John Schlitt solo show in Augsburg / Königsbrunn, Germany. We had a great time with John--a very much rockin' show with a celebrating atmosphere. John sang songs from his solo albums "Shake" and "Unfit For Swine" as well as some Petra hits like "Beyond Belief" and "Send Revival."

There are a lot of European fans from Head East and Petra interested in the ministry of John and PETRA. John Schlitt is just more than a great, well-known rock-singer. He has the heart of Jesus to serve God and be a true minister to a whole generation of people who are looking to find their way in life. His character is what we need in churches and in the Body of Christ to be able to make a change in this world. His attitude for Christ and his performance are pure. And John is a man of prayer--that's why you can always feel the presence of Jesus during these shows. Many Christians and non-Christians were touched by his message and encouraged to walk in a right way with Jesus.

This show was just excellent and John is more than welcome to come again. Fans from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland and more are waiting for the next tour.

May 9, 2002: In Wüestenroth, Germany

The Petra event at the Himmelfahrt-Festival in Wüstenroth, Germany was a real power-show.

It was a huge festival with many big-name Christian bands and artists like Michael Tait (from DC Talk), Normal Generation and Petra. Petra gave a wonderful rock and worship show and the whole crowd of 3000 people just rocked without a break. There was such a perfect atmosphere and the presence of Jesus was just amazing.

After that concert everybody was encouraged--I heard on every corner: "Petra is so great - we can't believe it - they are rockin' after 30 years and are getting even better than ever before."