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Transcript of online chat with Kevin Brandow

Okay, sorry that this transcript isn't complete, but it will at least give a taste for everything that happened. I have removed the messages from a few hecklers who tried to ruin an otherwise-great time. Other than that, this transcript is un-edited.

NetNut_404: not that any of us are anxious :)

Cory1000: he has alot of questions to answer. :-)

Cory1000: so it takes a while

Kevin_Brandow: the record company takes about 5 months to make their plans for marketing

Cory1000: Does it have a name yet?

Guest280: ahhhh.

sue-d: Some of the tunes are from Greg's day... how is it for Louie to re-play those? Is it difficult remembering "past days"?

Kevin_Brandow: i think it is going to be the greatest hits so far.. record

Kevin_Brandow: but you never know, names change

Cory1000: I understand

Cory1000: :)

Kevin_Brandow: louie loves the old stuff! he never misses a trick

NetNut_404: it's always the record companies that slow things down huh?

Kirkman: Kevin... any chance there will be a hidden track.. say maybe something like Lucas McGraw?

Kevin_Brandow: haha, no hidden track

sue-d: I'll bet! I never saw him back then (I first learned of ccm in 1993)

Guest238: shoot! :)

NetNut_404: I was just listening to that song :)

Kirkman: hehehe.. oh well.. I was trying to get Bob to go for that idea earlier this year...

Kevin_Brandow: no, sometimes the studio is booked and we tour a lot too. so schedules slow things down

Kevin_Brandow: where is kirkman from??

Kirkman: I'm from St. Louis... My name is Josh, and we met before the St. Louis concert last year and talked about webpages.. :)

Guest280: is "Rose Colored Stained Glass WIndows" on the album, or are you not supposed to tell?

Guest238: Not to make comparisons, but is there any chance that the new acoustic record will have some of that fast Jars of Clay strumming?

Kevin_Brandow: ok, i remember kirkman now, i knew it was familiar

Kevin_Brandow: lots of fast acoustic stuff for you!!

Guest238: Cool!

** Guest337 enters.

sue-d: Do you recall Sheboygan, WI by any chance? Last October?

Kevin_Brandow: we play rose colored stained windows in concert but it wont be on the record

Kevin_Brandow: yes, i remember you sue

Kevin_Brandow: great cheeze in wisconsin

sue-d: Well, I'm so glad!

Kirkman: no way! you guys are playing that in concert? wow! I hope it's still on the set list in august...

NetNut_404: I love all of petra's songs, but I will always be addicted to the really old stuff

Kirkman: (I think that's when you guys come back to StL..)

sue-d: You bet! Us cheezeheads love our curds and whey!

Kevin_Brandow: the best string cheeze in the world, you just need to get rid of that football team ;o)

NetNut_404: yes!!

NetNut_404: I love that song

Kevin_Brandow: go vikings!!

Guest280: ouch!

sue-d: Hey......! The Pack WILL be back! (new coach, you know!)

Cory1000: I was at the concert in Anchorage, AK in nov.

Kirkman: blah.. cowboys!

** sacrod enters.

sue-d: Yah, them Vikes.... they petered out

Kevin_Brandow: alaska rocks!! i met a real eskimo

sue-d: Hi sacrod!

sacrod: I'm back

sacrod: hello.

** Guest280 exits.

Cory1000: Well, you should come back! :)

sacrod: heh

** Guest337 exits.

** Guest337 enters.

sacrod: gee.... now everyone's leaving when I come back! =)

sue-d: So Kevin - I really want to know... how is it traveling all over the country with a bunch of guys on a bus?!

sacrod: sorry to interrupt any conversation though....

(There is some text missing from here. Sorry!)

Kevin_Brandow: i have been selling to some underground distributors lately

Kevin_Brandow: i hope to get some time to work on it a bit

Kevin_Brandow: i have been home only a few days since christmas

sue-d: Why is it that your solo records can't be brought along with Petra?

** Cloudwalker777 enters.

Kirkman: hey cloudwalker! :)

Cory1000: Another zoner!

sacrod: yeah... I was wondering the same thing... John Schlitt never sings his solos on Petra tours either.

Kevin_Brandow: well, john doesnt bring his solo records out, i dont think it would be appropriate

NetNut_404: ugg I can't scroll back far enough...

sacrod: well, Ok

sacrod: BTW, I saw you guys on Friday night... it totally ROCKED!!! =)

sue-d: It sure would be a nice way to get the word out on your solo project, though ..... both of you

Kevin_Brandow: is dan out there from florida??

** Guest238 exits.

Cory1000: Will john be another solo soon???

Kevin_Brandow: where were we friday night?

NetNut_404: Kevin: you said petra would be in santa clara in july what?

Kevin_Brandow: i think i said 30-31

sue-d: Friday you were in Grand Rapids

Kevin_Brandow: san jose, ca

NetNut_404: cool thanks.. I am writing it down

Kevin_Brandow: michigan!! it is all coming back to me now

Kirkman: I know once Pete and Lonnie visited the CCMusic Petra discussion zone... have you ever checked it out?

NetNut_404: do you know where in san Jose you are going to play?

Kirkman: I think that's where a lot of us here tonight meet and talk about Petra stuff and othr things...

sue-d: it's like a big coffee clatch

** Guest360 enters.

sacrod: they visited ccmusic? Didn't know that....

sacrod: yep yep, Michigan rocks!

Kevin_Brandow: anyone here pete stewerts record?

Cloudwalker777: do many of the guys..yourself included surf the net very often?

sue-d: I wish I was there...

Kirkman: yeah.. it was like last year or something... wait a minute.. maybe not.. they might have visited michael jone's discussion group.. I can't remember

sacrod: no... but I've heard of him

Cory1000: I have it

sue-d: No, who is stewert?

Guest360: I've heard "Better Off". That's about it.

Guest360: This is =MARK= again. I got disconnected.

Cory1000: join theclub

sacrod: hello...

sacrod: yeah... that happened to me earlier; only the computer crashed on me.

Kevin_Brandow: i dont think john will do another record soon, but he does solo concerts

Kirkman: hehehe... my imac is doing just fine and dandy.. :)

sacrod: cool

Cloudwalker777: hi from Canada ...wish you guys came to Alberta and Saskatchewan more often

Kevin_Brandow: i got a virus last week

Kevin_Brandow: too much snow in saskatchewan

Cory1000: NOOOOO

sacrod: yeah... I hate viruses... especially on disks that have my papers on them.

Kirkman: a virus? the chernobyl thing?

** Guest364 enters.

Kevin_Brandow: chernobyl!!

Cloudwalker777: ahhhhh not all year we do have summer you know

Kevin_Brandow: mean dude

sue-d: Great solo concerts... you did a wonderful job there, too, Kevin, before Petra!

Guest364: I am naked

Kevin_Brandow: thanks

sacrod: that's nice to know.

sacrod: I am fully clothed

Kevin_Brandow: no socks or nothing??

Cory1000: hehe

(There is some text missing from here. Sorry!)

Guest360: That's the first song I learned on violin. Man, am I sick of it! :)

sacrod: 12 Variations of the song

NetNut_404: Kevin: do you know where in San Jose, ca you are going to play in July?

sue-d: There's that CAT thing again!

sacrod: the Mozart version really rocks though....

daltorias: What would happen if the Meow mix cats met the Beggin Strip dog?

sacrod: I mean the music, not the cats.

sacrod: =0

Kevin_Brandow: dont know where in san jose

sacrod: middle of CA

sacrod: oops

Guest364: san jose is in michigan

sacrod: I thought you said I don't know where is San Jose

daltorias: it is?

Guest360: LOL

Kirkman: netnut: try

Kevin_Brandow: i dont like the cowboys

daltorias: Point to your hand and tell me where sanjose is

daltorias: =)

sacrod: 49ers!!!

NetNut_404: where is the best place to find out once it is annouced?

Kirkman: I *love* the cowboys! :)

** Guest379 enters.

Cory1000: I used to like them but they lost the reputation....

sacrod: I can point to my hand and tell you where Grand Rapids is!

sue-d: you know the way to san jose?..... (sorry, got a blast from Dion Warwick there)

Kirkman: netnut:> or try they have concert dates now, too

daltorias: I'm at the base of my thumb

Cloudwalker777: what do you guys do in your spare time on the road?

sacrod: wow... way over there?

Guest360: Are you allowed to add anymore sound clips to your website?

Kevin_Brandow: i take pictures

daltorias: Remember me Kevin? I'm the guy that handed you the note from Sue in Grand Rapids

sacrod: is Petra going to northen Cali?

Cory1000: also try my tour page at

Kevin_Brandow: i have a digital camera, and a cat

sacrod: I'm the only Chinese girl you saw at the concert!!

Kirkman: kevin, that could be a lethal combination

Guest374: Hey Kevin, are you married?

Kevin_Brandow: yes, i remember the note guy

Kevin_Brandow: yes, my wife is here with me right now

Guest374: Ah, thats too bad

Kevin_Brandow: chelsea is her name

sacrod: heh

daltorias: hehe, I kicked myself later, I was still in shock from meeting you that I couldn't think straight to say anything

Guest360: Hi, Mrs. Brandow!

sue-d: Hi Chelsea!

Guest374: Hi Chlsea!

Cory1000: Hi, MRS. Brandow!

daltorias: MRS. B!

sue-d: I love your writing on Pogostick! It's beautiful

sacrod: hi.

Kevin_Brandow: hi everybody, this is chelsea

NetNut_404: Hi Chelsea!

sacrod: Nice to meet you!

Kevin_Brandow: thank you

Guest364: chelsea do you bathe every day?

Kevin_Brandow: i try to

NetNut_404: bad taste there...

Kevin_Brandow: as a rule

Kevin_Brandow: haha

(There is some text missing from here. Sorry!)

sue-d: But plaque builds up on the outside too... where floss doesn't reach

NetNut_404: smoving on really sounds good about now...

daltorias: At least my dad didn't get any, maybe he was just holding out on me, waiting for my teeth to fall out

sue-d: Chelsea, are you still there?

Kevin_Brandow: yes

sacrod: here's a question.... what kind of guitars do you have? Besides the Jackson that I saw?

daltorias: I wouldn't go that far, but I did brush really hard one time and got rid of a tooth freckle =)

Kirkman: Chlesea, I liked "Over the Horizon"! :)

sacrod: You're the one that wrote it??

sue-d: Where do you get your lyric ideas? I think your poetic themes are wonderful

Kevin_Brandow: i have gibsons, epiphones, ovation,


Kevin_Brandow: kramers

sacrod: cool...

sacrod: what kind of amps do you use?

Guest360: At the Anaheim concert Sept. '97, Pete ripped his strings out and dropped it. How much damage does he do to those things?

sacrod: my friend has a kramer....

sacrod: he likes it better than his Fender

Kevin_Brandow: he breaks his guitars a lot!

daltorias: Are you the main keyboardist for Petra now? Or is everyone going to share in that responsibility?

sacrod: yeah... he did that at GR too.

Kevin_Brandow: he knows a guy that fixes them for cheap

Guest360: I have a couple clones: Gibson Les Paul made by Electra, Fender Strat made by Samick, and a Kaman Montana acoustic.

Kevin_Brandow: we dont play much keyboards

Cloudwalker777: if he breaks quite a few guitars does that affect tours...or is it not THat

Guest374: Of course, how else would I know about panties?

Kevin_Brandow: i have a strat too and a tele

sacrod: do you have basses?

Kevin_Brandow: i have 2 basses a 5 string and a 4 string

** Guest379 exits.

sacrod: which kinds?

sacrod: what kinds of basses, I meant to say...

NetNut_404: I have to say that is one of the things that is better about petra than most Christian Rock bands is the lyrics

sacrod: hey, bass guitars, AWESOME CHAT ROOM!

sue-d: we really don't need to go there

daltorias: Kevin still talking? Or is he just laughing at us?

sue-d: kevin, tell us about the new songs on the new album... who wrote them?

** Kevin_Brandow exits.

daltorias: Is anyone recording this chat script topost later?

Kirkman: daltorias: I kind of am

sacrod: yes... I was trying to ask about the bass guitars

Cloudwalker777: what is hapenning here?

NetNut_404: I was tempted to leav myself

sue-d: Think he'll come back?

sacrod: who knows.

Kirkman: I'm hoping so... I plan on sticking around...

** Guest425 enters.

** Guest360 exits.

Guest425: Hi everyone

sacrod: hi

Cory1000: hi

sue-d: Well, even if Kevin doesn't come back, it was still nice talking to him

daltorias: Read your Bible latley?

daltorias: yea, for that little bit. Wish I hadn't been on the phone the whole time

** Guest422 exits.

daltorias: Don't know

sue-d: Jared, are you a "computer helper" guy?

Kirkman: Is Jared here?

daltorias: Yea, right here

daltorias: My name is in my quote box

Kirkman: cool.. this is Josh.. what's up? :)

sacrod: hey josh...

Cloudwalker777: Cory please send our regrets from those of us who did keep things clean to Kevin and His wife Ok?

daltorias: not much, MDN still working for ya?

Cory1000: I will....

sacrod: I actually am talking to you people instead of msg boarding you...

Kirkman: Well, on my end all I can see is the chat window, I can't see the list of names and stuff.. but as long as I can chat, I'm not messin with it.. :)

Kirkman: mdn is still working great! :)

NetNut_404: yes, but you are required to read the conditions to join this channel

daltorias: hehe, weird Java stuff. My last day at MDN was last thursday

sue-d: What is MDN, for those of us uninitiated?

Kirkman: actually, it's been really neat because the hits on the page have skyrocketed over the past few weeks

Kirkman: is the place Jared worked at that is hosting Petra Rocks My World! :)

daltorias: Midland Daily News, it's a Internet service that is part of a Newspaper

Cloudwalker777: lucky my daughter can't read yet

** mcmcmetal enters.

** 4Wheeldrive enters.

sue-d: Ah, yess..... I've seen the suffix, but thought it was a college or something (duh!)

** 4Wheeldrive exits.

daltorias: hehe, nope, I gave him like 400mb of webspace for free, as long as he makes it the coolest page on the net =)

sue-d: Where's the paper?

** Guest438 enters.

daltorias: Midland, MI

NetNut_404: whell that was a short visit from 4wheeldrive

Guest425: Does anybody sell amway?

Guest438: hey, I got banned!!! had to go back in.

sue-d: Ah, over the Big Pond!

Cory1000: no

Guest438: You sure you got the right number?

Kirkman: really? wow.. I was just in Pontiac a week ago for Day One at the Silverdome

daltorias: cool. Shoulda kept goin north =)

Cory1000: I baned you?

NetNut_404: wow! I never won something like a car

** Kevin_Brandow enters.

Guest438: Yea. I think it happened when you tried to ban the two that were posting weird stuff.

Kirkman: jared.. since I finally got this new computer, I will be able to do a lot more stuff for the page.. :)

daltorias: HE"S BACK@

sue-d: Cory, have you ever thought of hosting a chat for Petra on certain nights?

Kirkman: woo hoo! Kevin's back! :)

Cloudwalker777: anyone get to one of the concerts during the God fixation tour....I think they are doing Greatest hits now

Kevin_Brandow: i am back!!

Cloudwalker777: hi

NetNut_404: yes!!

NetNut_404: wb

sacrod: welcome back!

sue-d: Hi Kevin! We think those dudes are gone and banned


Cory1000: That's a good Idea

Kevin_Brandow: i got the russian virus last week and my computer hasnt been the same since

daltorias: I was at the GF tour in Auburn, IN, it was GREAT! Tony Tiger roar

sacrod: can I ask about the basses now?

Guest425: Welcome back Kevin. you have such talent and a cat

sue-d: Ah, we thought you had enough of the airheads

sacrod: ooh... that stinks.

sacrod: about the viruses...

** mcmcmetal exits.

daltorias: I got WINCIH, killed my computer to rubble

sacrod: What kind of basses do you have, Kevin?

Cloudwalker777: Kevin do you and your MRS. plan on kids?

Kevin_Brandow: i also make electronic drums

NetNut_404: mcafee is your friend :)

Kevin_Brandow: no kids in the near future, just cats

sacrod: cool.... my youth pastor has an electronic drum set...

Cory1000: hahaha

sue-d: Aw, how about dogs? :-)

Guest425: does your wife sing or play instrunments?

daltorias: Don't think the 2 would agree

Kirkman: bichon frises make great pets, Kevin... :)

Cloudwalker777: lol

Kevin_Brandow: if i got a dog it would be a great dane!

Cory1000: COOL

Kirkman: but then, if you're a great dane guy, maybe bichons aren't for you... :)

Kevin_Brandow: something huge! bug and mean

sacrod: we used to have fish, but they all died.

sue-d: Hey, there you go, Kev! Something BIG! I have a Russian Wolfhound

Kevin_Brandow: big and mean, that is

Cloudwalker777: need a BIG yard for those lol

NetNut_404: I have always loved boxers

daltorias: I think Kevin would be afraid of Russians now

sue-d: My friend has a 140 lb. Rottie!

Kevin_Brandow: does he know that russian guy chernobly?

Cloudwalker777: heard they are good dogs though huge but nice

Kevin_Brandow: they eat a lot

Guest438: yo que lo Taco Bell.

sue-d: sorry, he's been american-zed too long to remember his homelannd

Kevin_Brandow: who want to talk about basses?:

daltorias: Burrito Supreme

sacrod: me me!!

Cloudwalker777: yeah well big doggie big appetite

Cloudwalker777: lol

daltorias: My car has nice bass?

Guest425: how did you fix your viruses?

sacrod: I have an Ibanez, but it's not all that great...

daltorias: my virus fix in one word "FORMAT"

sacrod: I have a great Trace Elliot amp though!

sacrod: it's one of the cheaper ones, though... Boxer 65

Guest438: I need a new amp. I've had the same practice amp for at least 3 years.

Kevin_Brandow: i hook my bass up to a preamp and a compressor

Cory1000: wow

sacrod: cool

Guest425: my fridge has a compressor.

Kevin_Brandow: mine too!

Kirkman: I've always wondered about this.. When you guys play overseas like in Europe or S. America, does John sing the songs in other lagnuages or in english?

Cory1000: :D

daltorias: Give that guitar that nice cool feeling =)

Kevin_Brandow: i fill up my bicycle tires too with my compressor

Guest425: do you have any video cards for sale? I am looking for a 4meg AGP card

Kevin_Brandow: no, he can only speak english

sue-d: I just compressed my dirt for my garden!

sacrod: I know they have a Spanish album out

Kevin_Brandow: he can barely do that

Kirkman: hahahaha! :)

Kevin_Brandow: yes, cheap video cards

Cloudwalker777: how many instruments do the other guys play?

sacrod: hey... my friend Harco is really upset that you guys aren't going to be going to the Netherlands

Kevin_Brandow: i thought we were going there

Guest425: I'll give you 50 dolla, unn ga doo haa

daltorias: Check into Trident, they make 4mb AGP's for cheap, $30, but they don't support OpenGL or Direct 3d

sue-d: Kevin, do you know Menno Zweers?

Kevin_Brandow: not too many other instruments

Kevin_Brandow: menno

sacrod: really? I thought the closest was Germany

Kevin_Brandow: yes i do

sacrod: yeah.. menno said that he was going to go to Germany to see you

Kirkman: wow, I haven't heard from harco or menno in a while.. do they still visit the zone?

sue-d: He's so excited that you're coming over... he can't wait

sacrod: yeah... I hear from Harco

Guest438: How's Temple Yard doing on the tour?

sacrod: i think he's doing OK... got lots of schoolwork and stuff

Kevin_Brandow: temple yard is doing great

sue-d: Menno isn't on the zone much, but he is on a Petra mailing list

Cloudwalker777: how did you like touring with Newsboys?

Guest438: Oh yea, and Broomtree. Can't foret them.

daltorias: yea, how was Newsboys?

Kevin_Brandow: newsboys tour was fun

Kevin_Brandow: i played some drums with duncan

Guest425: do you collect rocks from all the places you tour?

sacrod: cool

Cloudwalker777: cool

Kevin_Brandow: i have 68 rocks

daltorias: Who does the work for the website?

sue-d: I'll bet it was a bit "strange" leading in instead of being the headliner

Kevin_Brandow: rock and roll

Guest438: Did you get to ride the big drum stage?

Cloudwalker777: any favorite places to tour?

Cory1000: that ROCKS.... no pun

sacrod: is that the one that goes upsidedown?

Kevin_Brandow: yes, i rode the drum spinning thing

Kevin_Brandow: a few times

Kevin_Brandow: doesnt go upside down, just 90 degrees

sue-d: I think I'd get sick...

sacrod: oh...

sacrod: me too

Kevin_Brandow: it is hard to play at that angle

Kevin_Brandow: !!

Cloudwalker777: sue but it looks cool though

daltorias: I think they should hook ya up to something like Garth Brooks's harness

sue-d: I'm sure...

sacrod: yeah... I remember way back then when they had the drum set that went upside down

Kevin_Brandow: i like garth

Guest438: How long do you guys practice before going in the studio?

Cory1000: really???

sacrod: not much of a country fan

sue-d: Louie ever get to urge do play upside down? :-)

Cloudwalker777: sacrod ..upside down?

Kevin_Brandow: we practice for 2 days

Guest425: Kevin, who are your musical influences besides the great drummer Scott OWens

Kevin_Brandow: no, not reallY!!

sacrod: yeah....

daltorias: Don't like country, but you guys would look cool flying around

Kevin_Brandow: scotty, God bless him!

Kevin_Brandow: i like neil peart too

sacrod: I like Louie Weaver

Guest425: tragic about his wife and daughter

Kirkman: Hey Kevin... my little bro Jon is here with me now, and he wants to know where you are at right now.. new york?

Guest438: Do you and Pete ever fight over lead parts? :)

Kevin_Brandow: NY

Cloudwalker777: 425..whose wife and daughter?

daltorias: Any thought on improving the light show at the concerts? Maybe smoke and lasers

Guest425: Does chelsea have a famous brother who Snowboards? what a talented family you got happening there.

Kirkman: Jon says he thinks you play some really cool music, Kevin and he says he really admires you

Kevin_Brandow: yes, her brother jeremy baye is a pro snowboarder

daltorias: why so quiet?

Cloudwalker777: cool my nephew loves that sport

sue-d: We get lots of snow up here in Wi

Kevin_Brandow: he wins the big air contests

sacrod: too scary for me!

sue-d: Me, I prefer water skiis to snow skiis

Kevin_Brandow: he jumps 50 feet in the air

daltorias: How far do you live from Duluth, MN Sue?

Kevin_Brandow: maybe 60

NetNut_404: My friend lives in Wisconsin

(There is some text missing from here. Sorry!)

Kevin_Brandow: vikings?>?

Guest425: Its actually pronounced milleewaukay and its algonquin for "The good land"

sacrod: I know that... but I don't know where it is.

Kevin_Brandow: how old do i look??

Kevin_Brandow: ;o)

Cloudwalker777: cool Lonnie

sue-d: East side of the state, halfway up the middle, right on the lake too

daltorias: 17

sacrod: 49ers!!!!

Guest438: Bears!! Hey, I lived in Chicago during Super Bowl 20.

Cloudwalker777: how old hhhmmmmm.....20 something

Kevin_Brandow: de pearz

Kirkman: kevin: you look just fine... I have a professor who teaches radio and tv broadcasting t the university, and he looks a lot like you only with really craggly skin and grey hair

Kevin_Brandow: i am 19

daltorias: hehe, I remember that at the GF concert

sue-d: Yah, and I just graduated! Kevin......!

Kevin_Brandow: hahahaha

Cloudwalker777: lol good one

daltorias: I didn't even recognize you at the Grand Rapids concert, I thought you were one of the ushers

Kevin_Brandow: i look like luke skywalker, greg kinnear, kevin bacon, and someone told me david cassidy

sue-d: We can find out the truth... it's OUT THERE on the NEt!

Guest438: Were you a fan of Petra before you joined?

Guest425: You look like Wayne Earing

NetNut_404: really I figured you would have been older than that..

Cloudwalker777: maybe if we say our ages....

Kevin_Brandow: i had the record beat the system, or as we say, beat your sister

daltorias: Wow, only 19?

Kevin_Brandow: no, i am not 19

Kevin_Brandow: how old are you??

NetNut_404: I don't think I have a picture of you nearby..

sacrod: I am 22, even though I look 14

NetNut_404: I am 26

daltorias: 18 and the biggest goon you'll ever see

sue-d: Kev, you're 28, right?

Cloudwalker777: 24 and petra makes up most of my website tee hee

Guest438: I'm 21.

Guest425: Kevin is 41

Kirkman: (This is Jon) Hey Kevin, What is the coolest place that you toured in?

Cory1000: we know better

sue-d: I guess I'm the gramma here..... 37, but not feeling it!

Kevin_Brandow: i like cape town, south africa

Kevin_Brandow: ar alaska

Kevin_Brandow: or

daltorias: Aww sue, we love old people =)

Cory1000: alright!

sacrod: GRAND RAPIDS!! =)

sacrod: heh

Kevin_Brandow: yea, michigan

sacrod: cooolllll......

sue-d: Heey, I didn't say I was OLD!!!! :-)

Kevin_Brandow: i like minneapolis

Cory1000: Alaska Loves YOU!!!!!!!!!!

NetNut_404: so where can I see a picture of Kevin online?


daltorias: I like that spinning head at his website

Guest438: What was the most difficult Petra song you've learned to play?

Kevin_Brandow: spinning head i did in oregon

Kirkman: Yeah, Kevin, i love the pictures you put on your website....

Kevin_Brandow: in a hotel

Kevin_Brandow: petra songs are easy

daltorias: WE really need a log of this, I want to read this later

Kevin_Brandow: thanks, i like photography

Cloudwalker777: have you met many of petra's past members

daltorias: Maybe they need to make some harder ones to challenge you then

Kevin_Brandow: ronnie cates, jim cooper

Kevin_Brandow: bob

Kirkman: jared: I have most of it so far, except for the very beginning

sacrod: whoo hoo!! Ronny Cates!!!

daltorias: cool, you'll have to post it on the site

Cloudwalker777: John Lawry?

Kevin_Brandow: nope

sacrod: whoo hoo!! Johnny!!

Cloudwalker777: ahhh

Cory1000: Im planing on it

daltorias: JOSH: I'm gonna have a bunch of pictures from Grand Rapids hopefully Friday, mind postin em on yer site?

sacrod: are you adding the one with us in it?

Kirkman: jared: you already asked me that and I said yeah! :)

daltorias: Oh yea

sue-d: Bob still controls alot of what Petra does, doesn't he?

Kevin_Brandow: is alaska light now for 24 hours??

Guest438: Did Lonnie's on famous on-stage antics catch you off guard the first time you played with him?

Guest425: well I must be off for the night.... To all my chat partners say a prayer. Kevin/Chelsea thanks for entertaining us with amusing cat stories. We have to do this again so i know the weather in upstate NY.

Cory1000: 15:45 of something

Kevin_Brandow: no, lonnie uses the same moves in basketball

sacrod: heh.

Kevin_Brandow: i always took night classes

Cory1000: it will be by July

Kevin_Brandow: took me 10 years to get a bachelors

Cloudwalker777: play many sports?

sacrod: night classes are too long....

Kevin_Brandow: tennis!!!

sue-d: How can you guys play and jump around at the same time?

sacrod: makes me want to fall asleep

Kirkman: wow... what did you get your ba in?

Guest425: WWW.KevinBrandow.COM

Guest425: WWW.KevinBrandow.COM

Guest425: WWW.KevinBrandow.COM

Guest425: exit

daltorias: I miss night classes, now I work late nights and take early morning classes. Bad Combo

** Guest425 exits.

Kevin_Brandow: very carefully

Kevin_Brandow: night classes are easier

Kevin_Brandow: anyone say tennis?

sacrod: really?

daltorias: I like it when the teachers send you home early

sacrod: they just take a long time for me... and they make me want to fall asleep....

sue-d: I teach dog training classes at night.. does that count?

Kevin_Brandow: or when you get to class, and there is a sign on the door, class cancelled

sacrod: except that happens rarely

Guest438: Any other X-ray techs out there?

sacrod: I love when that happens!

daltorias: I love that scenario

Cloudwalker777: I play soccer, floor hockey and lacrosse but I like Lacrosse best

Kirkman: i like early classes... get 'em out of the way so i can seize the rest of the day... :)


sacrod: but that doesn't happen anymore here at my other school.

Kevin_Brandow: i have an xray of my wisdom teeth

Cory1000: me too!

Cloudwalker777: cancelled class we only had 2 this year

Kirkman: kevin: have you had them pulled yet?

sacrod: I got all my wisdom teeth pulled

Kevin_Brandow: all 4 were impacted and are now gone

Cory1000: It'll be soon :(

sue-d: my wisdom is gone...

daltorias: That hadta be fun

sacrod: yep... my dad told me afterwards thatI gained weight on my cheeks

Kevin_Brandow: did you keep it all in your teeth?

Guest438: I'll be graduating with an A.S. in June. I already have my license, registry, etc. Just need a job.

Cloudwalker777: kevin I know what you mean ..wisdom teeth ..had same problem

sue-d: yup.. and now it's gone :-(

daltorias: How late is this chat gonna last?

Kevin_Brandow: i have a bachelors and i play guitar now

Kirkman: man, now I'm all worked up.. my wisdom teeth haven't started to come in yet... but they should be soon! ahhh!

Kevin_Brandow: do you think youll use your degree?

sacrod: still working on my bachelors.....

daltorias: I'll chat till I pass out here at work

Kevin_Brandow: those wisdom teeth are probably stuck somewhere

sue-d: Jared, you're at work?

daltorias: Yep, lucky me huh?

sue-d: Some people never get wisdom teeth

Kevin_Brandow: you are getting paid for this????

Kirkman: hahahaha

sue-d: How do you get away with chatting?

Cloudwalker777: lol for me I told them take all 4 cuz they'd only get 1 chance

daltorias: Hehe, ain't it great? Getting paid to chat with Kevin B. Boss dosn't look happy

Cory1000: me???

Kevin_Brandow: jared must be the boss

Kirkman: sue... it's not "chatting" it's "interviewing"

daltorias: hehe, I wish

Guest438: Oh yea! I'm 90% sure of a Rad. Tech job. Already had the interview. Working on my B.S. now

Kirkman: )

daltorias: Na, I do tech support for @home now. No one's calling (phones must be broke)

Kirkman: ah... :)

sue-d: Ah... then it's legal... if you're a reporter!

NetNut_404: for @ home eh?

daltorias: SHould have called be Kevin, I could have fixed yer computer =)

Kirkman: i am, in fact, a reporter for the university newspaper here.. :)

Kevin_Brandow: you could have fixed it??

sue-d: Josh, I work for a newspaper

NetNut_404: I thought about using that but was told it was not fast/reliable

Kirkman: do you?

Kevin_Brandow: how do you fix the bios??

sue-d: not a reporter, though

daltorias: probably, I have a magic word called format, works wonders

daltorias: Ow, BIOS fried?

Guest438: Did you take guitar lessons or teach yourself?

Kevin_Brandow: yes, just a blue screen.

Kevin_Brandow: TWICE!!!

NetNut_404: download a new one

Kevin_Brandow: $50

daltorias: Hehe, hate that. YOu can pop the chip out of the mother board and replace the BIOS

NetNut_404: and then use a floppy to flash the bios

Kevin_Brandow: i took guitar lessons for 6 years

Kevin_Brandow: from the 4th - 9th grad

Kevin_Brandow: e

sue-d: I took piano for 9,,,, but still can't read time

Cloudwalker777: brb

daltorias: Everyone at my church likes to make fun of me for loving such an old band

sacrod: I took piano for 9 years too, but I'm still really really bad... and I don't play anymore

Kevin_Brandow: who is in alaska??

NetNut_404: I took piano lessons for about 10 years, butI got tired of it, and I quit

Cory1000: ME

Kevin_Brandow: cory??

Guest438: Can you give us the titles of the two new songs?

Kevin_Brandow: what is the temp?

Cory1000: 45

Kevin_Brandow: no titles yet

Kevin_Brandow: it is 55 in NY

sue-d: who wrote the new ones?

daltorias: How bout some more sound clips. I love clips!

Kevin_Brandow: i want to take my wife on an alaskan cruise

Cory1000: You'd enjoy it!

sue-d: I went on a carribean one.... nice!

Kevin_Brandow: i will try to get a cd of what they did this week

Kevin_Brandow: i bet

Guest438: I'm a songwriter hoping to publish some of my material. Any advice?

daltorias: That'd be great!

Kevin_Brandow: send the songs to me!!

Kevin_Brandow: would love to hear them

Kevin_Brandow: what kind of songs

daltorias: So, are there any plans to get some other Petra members doing this? Or maybe make this a weekly thing?

Kevin_Brandow: the others dont have computers, they make fun of me!!

Guest438: All CCM. I write on acoustic guitar, so maybe you could label it folk/pop.

Kevin_Brandow: i will do it again, for sure

Kevin_Brandow: how about in a month or so

Cory1000: Cool!

daltorias: that'd be awesome!!!

sue-d: I'm game!

Cory1000: let me know!

Kirkman: That's great, Kevin!

daltorias: YOu guys need a netcam on the bus, 24/7 live feed of what goes on in there

Guest438: How can I get a demo to you?

Kirkman: I'll be here, that's for sure.. :)

Kevin_Brandow: no thanks!!

NetNut_404: well all us computer geeks will defend you kevin

Kevin_Brandow: thanks!!

Cory1000: :)

Cloudwalker777: yeah from one computer nut to another lol

Kevin_Brandow: guest 438, email me at

NetNut_404: there is a reason my Nick is NEtNut :)

daltorias: You guys need to come to get some more concerts around michigan, I've gotta travel 600 miles to get to the next one

** sue-d exits.

** sue-d enters.

daltorias: Awww, sue left =(

Kevin_Brandow: who is traveling 600 miles??

Guest438: Thanks! I will.

Kevin_Brandow: sue enters again

daltorias: me =) I did 400 the time before

sacrod: I think you shold come to CAlvin College... we have a cool auditorium

Kevin_Brandow: have us there!!

Kevin_Brandow: where is it?>

** nacho_man enters.

daltorias: Yer killin my car! I should get some compensation j/k

sacrod: Grand Rapids...

nacho_man: '

Kevin_Brandow: hey, gimme some nachos!

sacrod: it's actually down the street from where you were on Friday

nacho_man: dont eat me

NetNut_404: me to!! :)

** nacho_man exits.

Guest438: When will you be in Southern CA?

sacrod: but our place is cooler =)

daltorias: that was short lived

sacrod: when will you be in Northen CA?

Kevin_Brandow: end of september

NetNut_404: ran for his life :)

sacrod: Northern?

daltorias: My Girlfriend's little bro's are beggin me to take them to another concert

Kevin_Brandow: we usually do a west coast run in late sept

sacrod: darn... I won't be there anymore in Sept... I'll be back here....

daltorias: Sacrod, come with me to Duluth in August =)

Guest438: I like that trend! :) You always reach us every year in Sept. Very cool!

sacrod: I"ll be in Cali in august, though...

NetNut_404: I already marked Jully 30th on my calender :)

(The rest of the chat is missing unfortunately.)