After 33 years, Petra says farewell

Petra stories and testimonies

When the members of Petra hang up the equipment at the end of this year, they will close the book on a ministry that has touched lives for 33 years.

Around the world, people have come to know Christ and had their lives transformed through the message Petra ministered. Here are a few of those stories.

Patrick Veit

How Petra impacted me was that God used this band to change my eternal destination. I got saved at a Petra concert on Sept. 25, 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona.

I had been playing secular rock music since I was a freshman in high school (I graduated in 1974). After the Petra concert, I knew the purpose God had for my life and that is to lead people to Jesus, like Petra does. I put together my band "WILBY DUNN" within a month of my salvation and have been doing evangelism outreach concerts ever since, which is for the past eight years.

I have almost every Petra CD and I am deeply grateful for Petra for their devotion to their calling as they have impacted my life for eternity. Thank you, Petra.

Eloisa Palacios

The only thing that has changed is the name.

I'm gonna miss the name Petra, but I won't miss John or Bob or anyone else 'cause I know they will and still are doing God's will through music. I'm gonna miss the tradition: "Petra making a new CD," "Petra concert here or there." I'm gonna miss those times, those years.

Petra has been with me since I was 13 years old. I met rock music because of them. People use to tell me that rock was from the devil and I loved rock music so when I saw this people singing to the Lord with this music I went nuts. :) I prayed for years to meet the band and I got to see John twice in Wisconsin. I traveled all the way from Mexico to see that. What a joy to see him and tell him how God touched me through him.

I always thought the name Petra was there in all my hard times, but ya know what? It wasn't Petra, it was the people in the band. God didn't use the name. God used the people. And, realizing that, I have to say I'm gonna miss the name 'cause people are still out there and I can't wait to meet them separately.

Our friend is not gone, it just changed shape …

Pete Landrum
Miamisburg, Ohio

I'm 36 1/2 years old and have been a Petra fanatic since about 1984. Someone at church gave me two Petra albums: More Power to Ya and Not of This World. I remember that I couldn't believe that there was "rock" that was "Christian." Although I had gone to church for some time, I hadn't been introduced to it. At that time, I listed to regular rock stations. I didn't really listen to what I'd call the extreme bad groups, but what I listened to wasn't good either. Anyway, I wore out those two records and went to my first Petra concert, "Beat the System," in 1985. I was hooked for life after that.

Of course I got scared for a moment when Greg X. Volz quit or whatever happened. Then I went to "Back to the Street" with DeGarmo & Key.

Man, John Schlitt was great sounding on the old songs that Greg sang. Petra was back. Anyway, at that point I probably still listened to some secular rock, but was convicted every time I put in Petra. I don't see how anyone can listen to any Petra and not be convicted of sins. At church, people in the youth group even called me Petra instead of Pete.

Of course I'd wear my concert shirts to youth group. At that young age, it is so important what you put before your eyes and EARS. I remember always being so excited to get a new Petra album. I'd put it on, then read the words and look up the scriptures Bob listed in the liner notes. I really began to hear what Bob was saying and feeling in the lyrics.

Jekyll & Hyde was and has been one of my all time favorite records. I felt like Bob was really back, and back tearing it up!

I have two kids, 16 and 14, and they grew up listening to Petra. I remember them singing to "I am on the Rock" when they were just 3 or 4. Today my son loves Jekyll & Hyde. All I can say is, Petra was there for me in my youth, during those crazy ups and downs.

A good friend of mine, with whom I lived for two years during college, was an atheist back then. He went to a few concerts with me. He couldn't stay an atheist when he memorized lyrics like "He came, He saw, He conquered death and hell..." Petra made more of an impact on my friend than we'll ever know.

I just can't say enough about the impact Petra had on my life. I thank them for their dedication and ministry for all of the years.

I thank John, he's great. But most of all, I thank Bob. I feel like he's been an old friend for all of these years. You get to know someone when you have memorized all of the songs. I know him by his lyrics and can always tell whether he wrote a song or not. Thanks Bob. I love you in Christ.

Thanks to all current and past band members. Petra will always be my all time favorite band and Bob favorite song writer and guitarist. May God bless the members of Petra and may God give them their new calling. May God help them to realize that he isn't done with them individually. God bless.

Rod Bain

I never knew there was such a thing as a Christian rock band. I was 12 at the time, what does any 12-year-old (except Jesus at the Temple) really know? I was visiting my older cousin for the summer and he introduced me to Petra through More Power To Ya. WOW. And thanks to high school friends who were born again, Petra's ministry continued to bless me through Beat The System. But then I graduated from high school, went to college, fell more away from my walk in the Lord, and to the point that I would see a new Petra LP in the store but not buy. I was really in the rocking secular stuff by then, and in reality caught in a time warp with the Greg X. Volz stuff (Washes Whiter Than through Beat the System).

What changed? God got a hold of me, a man nearly destroyed by the world and the enemy at 30. Events led me to a Bible-centered church and strong instruction in the Word, and a rededication to Christ. So what was it that I sought as the Spirit began working on me? Petra. It was familiar but yet new. The stuff I listened to took new and blessed meaning as I finally understood God's Word through the Spirt, but then to start listening to the John Schlitt era stuff and realize they REALLY ROCK both on the Word and in the music. Like many of you there are stories of how the music edified and consoled at various times in life… when I rejoice to the Lord in song, it is not "How Great Thou Art" that comes to mind but usually "Without Him We Can Do Nothing", "It is Finished", "Beyond Belief", "Sacred Trust", etc…

The greatest blessing of this band, though, came from introducing Petra to my children; first with "The Coloring Song" and "Judas Kiss." But when Jekyll & Hyde came out… WOW! Many car trips were taken while we sang along to the lyrics and discussed much of what the songs meant from a scriptual standpoint. And they soak it all in.

This led to an event that happened last summmer: Petra's appearance at Creation Fest West. Although I had wanted to see them in my youth, I was resigned to the fact that the band would most likely never come to tour in my area. God not only blesses but shows you that He can do it better than you could have ever imagined yourself. Not only would the band be literally in my backyard but my children would also see them as well. And the band both in song and actions did not disappoint as servants of the Lord. And it was my middle daughter's great blessing (THE PETHEAD among the three girls) to meet the band and get both autograph and picture with them.

When the news of the retirement hit, it was much like the loss of a very dear, special friend. But as the shock has worn off, the reminders of glorious events like reunions, conventions, solo concerts, etc. are mentioned. But again, God is using this as a wonderful blessing. The ability to talk with fellow Petheads and share. And once again, God maybe is setting something up I never could believe possible. You see, the Creation Fest concert only lacked one thing: my fiancee, who could not go because she lives two hours away and had to work that day. It's a long story but that has been a regret for both of us. It really hit home as first the announcement, and then the realization the one opportunity to see Petra was gone. HOWEVER…

The Lord Our God is merciful, full of second chances for those who seek His face. The day after the retirement news came word that the band is in my state one last time, at a venue and time that is affordable for my fiancee and me and our kids to make the trip to see the band, and no doubt be blessed by God through them live one more time.

It is a long story I know, but like anything context is needed to explain the breadth and depth of Petra's ministry and its influence on my life. God has used Petra in such a mighty way in me and continues to do so for this day. Like any such blessing there is no real measurable way to repay the current and former members of the band and their support staff. All I can say is God Bless You ALL, you have my thoughts and prayers for your future ministries and time with the Lord, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, and I long for the day when we meet face to face together worshiping our Lord… and think it is going to be SOOOO COOOLLL when the band members receive their rewards from our Lord and hear "Well done, Good and Faithful Servants", only to do the only thing to do… throw the crowns and rewards at Jesus's feet and worship Him.

"…No stumbling pilgrim in the dark. The Road to Zion's in your heart."

Sherry Anderson

Hi, I want to tell you about when my mom died, in Dec. 2003. I had purchased the Petra compilation Still Means War. I got the call from my dad that my mom needed to go to the doctor. By the time I got my shoes on, the phone rang again my dad had told me that he had called 911. Living only 2 blocks away I beat the emergency personel and found her with no pulse or breathing. I began to give mouth to mouth. The paramedics arrive and tried, but were never able to revive her. She died at age 59 from Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease, the result of smoking for most of her life.

After being up all night with my dad handling things with the donor people, I was just out of it. My husband suggested I take a walk and get out and get some fresh air. So I got the CD player and popped in my new Petra CD, which I had not yet listened to. As the songs began, they were of an aggressive nature that allowed me to let out my feelings of anger, frustration, and sadness. The songs were bound in the Lord, but allowed me to shout, cry and just let it all out. I am surprised that the neighbors did not call the men in the white coats to come get me.

I walked around the neighborhood and did not know that I had been gone for a couple hours. As I came down my street the song "The Battle Belongs to the Lord" came on. It let me turn over all my feelings of anger, sadness, hurt and frustration over to the Lord and end with a prayer knowing that God will take care of everything.

God bless Petra as they go down the road of life as God may lead them.

Valerie Tatlonghari

I've been an avid fan of Petra since The Rock Cries Out album. Ever since John Schlitt entered Petra, I listened to Petra even more.

I'm saddened by the fact that the younger generations don't appreciate Petra anymore (well maybe some of them). They say that they are too "old" to rock. I say they created one of the most beautiful rock acts in Christian music industry, if not the best — period!

Petra had a great impact on me because of their powerful messages. Before, I hated them because their brand of music was like "demonic." But when I received a copy of The Rock Cries Out album, my perspective of Petra turned 180 degrees. That's the time that I began to collect contemporary Christian artists like Jars of Clay, Third Day, and many others. No other bands in the world have merged THE WORD and rock music to make so great an impact on people's lives as Petra did. I will cherish all the good music that Petra imparted on us.

I want to make a suggestion; why not make a double album before they make their exit. One album could be the collection of Petra classics (remastered and live ones) and the other one could be entirely a hard rock album that would make the newer bands listen to Petra again. It would remind them that if not for Petra, there wouldn't be any Christian rock acts today. Just a rock album that will push us out off our seats.

I'm glad that they become part of Christian music history. More power to Petra and God bless. Thanks for the years of music and ministry!

Jim Chitty
Van Alstyne, Texas

Petra will truly be missed. I have been an avid fan of theirs since 1980 and have had the chance to meet John Schlitt on a couple of different occasions. You could not meet a more genuine, more down-to-earth, more likeable guy. Two years ago, when my daughter was 8, I took her to a Petra concert in nearby Sherman, Texas. She got to go down front by the stage and got a hug from John Schlitt. She and the other kids at the front got to sing into a microphone during part of a song. She will remember this for the rest of her life.

I am thankful for that experience for her and for all of the great ministry and music that Petra has provided all of these years. They have ministered to me more than they will ever know. They proved to the world that you can flat-out rock, have a good time, and still be Christ-like doing so. I can't see any evidence that they have given in to the "big-star" mentality that seems to have such a firm grip on so many Christian music artists today.

I will always cherish my Petra music collection, my "Beyond Belief" concert pics, and my memories and experiences at the many Petra concerts I have attended over the last 25 years. We are all getting older and we will all someday have to face the music that we may no longer be able to what we have done for so many years. Petra has apparently come to that conclusion, and as they have done with everything else they have done, they have done it with grace and class.

And, on the off chance that the guys in the band will read this, I love you guys! Always have, always will!! As a Christian rock fan, and as a youth minister, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for you positive influence on young and old alike for all of these years. There is truly no telling how many people have been saved and how many lives changed in other ways through your ministry. Thank you for letting God use you in such a profound way!!

Dan Garcia

I'm 22 years old, I saw my first Petra concert as a young teen. That was the first rock concert I'd ever been to. Growing up, even in high school, everyone knew my favorite band was Petra, even when they weren't at their peak and younger, more modern bands prevailed. I bought all their albums up to Wake-up Call, and have pretty much all of their songs memorized.

I have been up and down in my walk with God, and it's Petra's music that has always been there to encourage me when I need it. They've been around for so long, and it's like they have a song for almost every situation I face. It's very sad to hear that they are really going to be done.

I thank God for their ministry and perseverance. I wish I could personally say this to each one of the band members, "Thank you so much, you'll never know how many people you've helped with your music."

Specifically to Bob: your guitar playing is just awesome. Sometimes rhythms and leads can be predictable, but you never were. You wrote so many powerful songs, thank you for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way.

John and Greg: You guys rock. I'll never stop trying to sing like you with my CDs blaring in the car.

To the rest of the band members who have been there or are still there, the amazing music Petra made was not possible without each and every one of you. You just don't hear good keyboards anymore.

Well, I just want to say what a big fan I am, and will continue you to be … I always dreamed Petra would play at my wedding reception. Oh well. You guys enjoy yourselves now, you've put in a lot of hours.

Peggy Wallish
Northumberland, Penn.

I started falling in love with Petra in the early 90's at Creation. There will never be a band as exciting and riveting as they have been. Their albums have just continued to be inspirational and motivating. It always frustrated me that Creation chose to stop including Petra in their lineup but would continue to have all-time favorites as Michael W. Smith. While I like Smitty, Petra is just as timeless.

I went to see Petra at Creation East last year, and even though they were an afternoon band, they were just as GREAT. There were so many young people who just thrived on their music. Some with songs such as "Midnight Oil." While they were not as well-attended as the evening bands were, their music was well received.

I will miss their music. They certainly were the Elvis of Christian music. :) Live on Lucas McGraw!

Kevin M. Taylor

I was touched by the presentation that John Schlitt and Petra have put on over the years. Petra was one of my first Christian CD I bought. I fell away hard from Christ when the church elders closed the daycare when I was a child. I thought my salvation was in that church and was thwarted by their selfish deeds. I really missed the youth pastors dearly.

I was stuck in limbo spiritually. Secularism had threatened my new self and almost caved it in to worldly music. Then I went to the bookstore one day. I admittedly didn't buy Petra as the very first, but something struck me about them. The blended the rock I listened to with hardcore bible teachings. This opened my eyes.

Later I sought to begin collecting Petra CDs. Each CD has a unique music twist, but is still noticeably Petra. I hope Petra will at least put out one last DVD which gives the Petra story beginning to end. The fans need something to grab onto since the band soon won't be there anymore. Mr. Schlitt, I appeal to you. Please consider this. You will find many fans will purchase this type of DVD.

Christian music will not be the same without Petra. Even though stations like K-Love and WAKW won't give Petra airtime, this band still is for the entire family to enjoy. There is nothing to fear in airing Petra. I want K-Love to know that many fans want a top ten Petra hits of all time as a salute to one of founders of Christian rock.

Bruce Krutish

I would like to share how Petra helped me. I became a Christian back in 1983. I joined a church that had some unorthodox teachings and was considered a cult. I received the Holy Spirit based on my faith in Jesus Christ, but our teachings in the church were not quite right. In fact I listened to only Psalms and hymns because the church taught only its music was acceptable. They said that what was wrong with rock music was the lyrics and the beat.

When Jesus Christ did a miracle and changed us from a cult to an orthodox church, one of the first things to change was the understanding that only the lyrics were what made a song wrong to listen to. The beat was not a factor, like we see how many people objected to Elvis Presly songs which we consider soft today.

I was quick to explore the Christian music scene and I discovered Petra among others. I want to say Petra helped me in my journey from cultism to Christianity. To me Petra is a new band and I've enjoyed searching out their old albums and mostly their new stuff. I thank their ministry for all the great music and can't believe its over for them.

Classic rock is coming back. I believe the demand for your stuff will increase. Don't get to used to retirement; your best days are still ahead. I hope you create some more hard rock tuned that lifts Christ up. Well done thou good and faithful servants.

John Feekes

I got saved in 1997 and began finding Christian music that I never knew existed, stuff like Steven Curtis Chapman and Phil Keaggy. I'm a guitar player so Phil Keaggy appealed to me right away. But I wasn't finding anything that satisfied my desire for rock music. Then a friend told me about Petra and I've never looked back.

Petra is by far my favorite Christian rock band and I'll be sad to see them go. Of course I've found many other good Christian rock bands since I got saved, but none of them seem to do for me musically and spiritually what Petra does.

Needless to say I'll never stop listening to all the Petra CDs that I already have and there are still more that I have not heard so it's not like there is no new territory for someone like me, but Jekyll & Hyde is awesome and I was really looking forward to more like it.

So long Petra and thank you for being true to your Christian roots, on every song, I think that's awesome. Love you guys.

Barbara Koch

I went with some friends to a concert in Ormond Beach, Florida, just north of Daytona Beach. I never thought it would be a CHRISTIAN concert of all things!

WOW! I never heard anything like it — it totally overwhelmed me. For the first time I realized God truly loved me through the music I loved. I accepted Jesus as my Lord later that night with none other than Greg X. Volz leading me personally to make my decision.

Twenty-two years later, Petra still rocks my world. My husband saw Petra in concert in Lakeland, Florida, near Tampa, but John Schlitt was the lead singer. He and I have introduced Petra to our 10 and 12 year old as well, and you know they have spread it to their friends, and so on, and so on …

I am saddened to see Petra retire, but I can understand their decision. They have sacrificed so much over the years with their families.

We should be honored and feel blessed to have such an outstanding Christian witness for so long …

Godspeed, Petra. You guys are and will always be the BEST!!!

Jeromy Thornton

My first time to see Petra was at a Hot Hearts Conference in Lubbock, Texas in January 1999. I'd already been a huge fan of Petra for a number of years. The concert was awesome! After the show, I waited in line for what seemed like forever to meet them. They were all very nice, down to earth guys. But I'm a drummer, so I REALLY wanted to meet Louie Weaver. He'd been my musical inspiration for years. I wore a t-shirt that advertised his drum video "Back To The Basics." He asked if he could sign it and of course I said yes.

Then, two months later, I saw Petra opening for the Newsboys here in Amarillo, Texas. My cousin and I had gotten a pair of tickets from a mutual acquaintance and we were taken in early to see Newsboys warming up. When the concert started we were up against the stage. Best seats in the house! At one point during Petra's' performance, Louie recognized me from before. He came to the front of the stage, pulled me up there with him, and gave me his drumsticks! I had the same shirt from the January show, so I guess he recognized that. Afterwards, I talked with him for quite a while about drums, his video, and Petra. Awesome night!

The next time I saw Petra was in March 2000 at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas. The Lord again blessed my cousin and I with a great opportunity. After the show, we were invited up by the crew to help break down the equipment. I again talked with Louie at length. He signed the sticks he gave me the year before, and we sang VeggieTales and talked about our kids in the hallway. I also talked with John Schlitt for a while and he's just a very sweet guy and we had a great talk. I still have the drumsticks. I've never used them and probably never will, but man, what a souvenir!

I have every Petra album, and all them have blessed me in one way or another. Their ministry has been incredible and touched so many lives. Including mine. It's sad to see them go. GOD BLESS PETRA!!!

Leif Arild Steen

Petra has been with me all my life, in good days and bad. They have made me smile, they have made me cry, and they have made me proud to be a Christian.

In the days of youth, they have helped me to hang in there. I believe Jesus has spoken through them, to me personally and to many of my friends.

I'm Norwegian, 32 years old, annd married. And I will pass Petra on to my children. I'm forever thankful to them.

David Aldaz

I came to know petra way back when I was a young single and confused teenager. I have been married for about 14 years now. I have three children: a twelve year old girl and two boys, ages 9 and 8.

Guess what? I still love Petra and still feel the anointing in their music just like I used to so many years ago. I believe Petra's music will never die because the words and the message come directly from a source that is everlasting: God's Word.

I was deeply saddened when I heard about Petra retiring but I guess you could say that it was bound to happen sooner or later. Thirty-three years is an amazing feat for any band.

I wish I could thank Petra personally for all those years of great music and for being such a blessing in my life and, in a sense, a shoulder to cry on when times got hard.

Music to me has played such a big part of my life and Petra was always in the heart of it all. I am a self taught Drummer and can proudly say that 90 percent of what I know and the style that I play come from Petra. I can remember sitting in my room, as a young man, listening to Louie Weaver and trying to do what he just did on the drums, it was great. God bless Petra and their families.

I am doing my best to get my kids hooked on Petra and be blessed as I was and still am. I'm also hoping that they include Canada in the farewell tour. It would be a shame to not be able to see them, an bring my kids, for the last time. So long Petra and thanks a million…….Boo! Hoo! Hoo!

Jayson Lopez

Dear Petra,

I've been inspired by your music with positive, uplifting messages.

I rededicated my life to Christ last year, because of Satan's firey darts thrown at me filled with lies. However, God has lifted me back up. I'm so glad that Satan is out of my life.

I enjoy listening to your classic hits that help me in my walk with God. Thanks guys for bringing hope, love, faith, and encouragement. I hope that God will have something better for you guys.

Love Y'all…

Gary Pondang

My style of music is greatly influenced by PETRA. I got born again in 1986 and eventually became a musician in a small Pentecostal church in the Philippines. I became a member of a Christian rock band called "New Hope" after a year and most of our songs were from Petra.

I remember I was singing "Grave Robber" in one of our concerts in Mindanao. People were touched and blessed by that song especially. It tells us about the One who overcomes death. I also love More Power to Ya and Not Of This World.

Patrick Kwiwa

Petra is a clear demonstration of God's power and grace. Every lyric contained in their songs carries a tremendous weight and power. They are life-changing and provoke me to live holy and at the same time literally enjoy life as a Christian. There is fun and power in their songs.

I love every song sung by Petra. Since my pastor introduced me to Petra, I couldn't believe but thank God that there is a truly annointed gospel rock band.

To hear they will be quitting is sad. Why not sign up other guys who can catch the vision/passion of Petra and carry on with the tradition?

Brian Collins

I can remember Petra being my very first concert ever. My parents were reluctant, but they let me go to it as a kid with our church youth group. We went to the San Antonio TX, St. Phillips college concert. It was the More Power to Ya tour back in 1982. I was around 13-14 years old then. Awsome concert, and I didn't ever miss them when they came to town for their next 5 tours. I think I still have all of their original LP records stored away somewhere along with cassettes and nowdays CD's.

I kinda lost track of them for a while, but I still listen to the Petra Praise 1 & 2 CD's pretty often. I would love to see them do a reunion tour for the "older" *cough cough* generation, or even a praise tour. Heck, I would even like to see them replace Phillips, Craig and Dean at the PromiseKeepers lunch concert events.

Anyway, thank you for bringing back some fond memories.

Timothy O. Klockziem

I was sorry to hear that Petra had announced that they were retiring. So I will spill all that they have done for me over the years.

I have never seen them live, though have been patiently wating for the chance to. For as many years as I can remember, Petra has been there for me as much as my Bible has.

I know of the times that I have fallen or tripped in my life and it was at those times that I really did rely on my Bible and my few copies of Petra.

I remember More Power To Ya as my first exposure to Petra, but This Means War was the first one I bought. I have since worn out three. I remember when John took over at vocals and I thought, "Yeah like THAT'S gonna work." But IT DID.

I remember when Bob took his time off and again I felt the same, "Yeah, right." Well, it worked. And then HE CAME BACK.

God has had a purpose for this band and I do believe that they have faithfully followed and accomplished the GREAT things that God would have them do.

I will truly miss Petra over the coming years, but as I said before, I will always return to them for the ministry they have produced. Thank you Petra. YOUR MUSIC HAS ROCK FOUNDATION!!!

Michelle Morrison

Petra has meant a lot to me over the years; their music and ministry has been a wonderful source of encouragement.

The first Petra CD I ever heard was Beat The System and I've been listening to them since. I saw them in concert with Greg X. Volz for the first time in 1985 at Irvine Meadows Ampitheater in California and was blown away by how wonderful his voice is.

I saw John Schlitt with Petra for the first time in 1987 or 1989 at the Greek Theater in L.A. and was blown away by his enthusiasm and testimony. I've met most of the band members at least a couple of times; John's the one I've had the most contact with and he's a sweetie.

Other favorite Petra CDs include Beyond Belief, Back To the Street, On Fire and More Power to Ya. I don't think I dislike any of their CDs, but those are at the top of the list.

I was a little sad when I heard Petra was retiring, although I did know it had to happen one day. I'm thinking of it as the start of something new though; God's not done with them yet.

God bless you and thanks guys.

Scott Balch

When I got saved in 1989, the first Christian band I started listening to was Petra. I quickly bought all of their recordings up to that time. The songs began to move me. They sang of things that I needed to hear and it helped me in my walk with Christ.

I remember a concert I went to at Kingdom Bound. After the first few songs, the Spirit was so strong. It began to burn in me. They started to sing "Dance" and I was dancing in the Spirit. The fire of God was just pouring out on all of us. I just danced as they sang and God worked in my life. The concert left an impact in my life that I will never forget.

They spoke from the Word of God. The songs were always uplifting. I will always have Petra as my No. 1 band. The songs keep on ministering to me and to millions of people around the world.

One more thing. I was a D.J. at C.B.C. in 1991-1992 and the song I played each Thursday night was one of their early songs, "Lucas McGraw." It's about someone who used to be a drunkard and gave his life to Christ. That song alone helped lots of people. I was not an alcoholic but I know some of the adults that were going to C.B.C. were alcoholics before they asked Christ into their hearts. I played this song for them to show them that they aren't alone.

Petra will always and forever remain a piece of me and I will never forget what they've done for me and millions and millions of people around the world. They will be missed.

Thanks for over 30 years of rocking Satan out of people and praising and lifting the name of the Lord. May God bless every member that ever was with Petra. Thanks from me for helping my walk with the Lord. You've touched me and I know you will be blessed.

Carsten Riis Jensen

My first contact with Petra here in Denmark was in 1990, when I heard the "Beyond Belief" album. I loved it. At that time many Christians were discussing Christian vs. non-Christian music, and I remember reading the lyrics from Petra's songs out loud, so my parents would understand that Petra was OK.

Even to this day I am considered by many of my friends to be one of the only real Petheads in Denmark. I have all their albums, I used to have an autographed photo and several issues of their previous "Prayer Warriors" newsletter, and I have attended four Petra concerts here in Denmark. The first concert was the Unseen Power tour.

I love the ministry and songs of Petra. My all time favorite song is "Enter In". The first time I heard that song, I was working on a thesis on the Epistle to the Hebrews - and this was the first time I heard a song that so directly took the message of Hebrews.

Petra, thank you for ministering to us!

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