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Band Information
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Band members

According to John Schlitt, Petra's lead singer, Petra is a ministry first and a band second. Petra seeks God's will, and sometimes He directs them to make changes in the band's membership. Recently, Bob Hartman rejoined the band as guitarist and Paul Simmons was hired as their new drummer.

John Schlitt
Lead vocals

Paul Simmons

Bob Hartman
Lead Guitar

Greg Bailey
Bass Guitar

Previous Band Members

Below is a listing of the various people who have filled different positions for Petra over the years. Keep in mind that I am a little sketchy on the early days of Petra, so not all the dates are perfect.


Bob Hartman 1972-1995, 2003-Now
Greg Hough 1972-1978?
Rob Frazier 1979?
David Lichens 1995-1997
Kevin Brandow 1997-1999, 2000-2001
Pete Orta 1997-2000
Quinton Gibson 2002-2003


John Slick 1981-1983
John Lowry 1984-1994
Jim Cooper 1994-1997
Kevin Brandow 1997-1999
Trent Thomason 1999
Bryce Bell 2000-2003


Bill Glover 1972-1978?
Louie Weaver 1981-2003
Paul Simmons 2003-Now


John DeGroff 1972-1978?
Mark Kelly 1981-1987
Ronnie Cates 1988-1997
Lonnie Chapin 1997-2001
Mike Brandenstein 2001
Greg Bailey 2002-Now

Lead Vocals

Bob Hartman & Greg Hough 1972-1977
Greg X. Volz 1979-1985
John Schlitt 1986-Now

These are pictures of Petra from sometime in the early or middle 70s. I found them on the Jesus Music webpage.