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Why I don't list compilations

My Albums page only lists those albums that were recorded by the band or approved of by the band. Petra didn't approve of most of the compilations (or "best-of" albums) made by StarSong Records.

These compilations were created with greedy intentions. In 1989, when Petra switched from StarSong to Word Records, their popularity skyrocketed. StarSong wanted to capitalize on this, so they released the compilations one after another over a short span of time.

Most of these albums have the same songs, and are therefore redundant. These albums have NO new material and were NOT authorized by the band. They were an effort to try and con Petra fans into buying another album that they really didn't need.

By the way, Petra isn't the only band StarSong did this to. They also did it to WhiteHeart and others.

Compilations aren't all bad

I don't want to sound like I'm completely against compilations. Many fans find it convenient to have a band's best songs on one CD. Also, some folks get introduced to a band when they see a compilation album in a store and they buy it.

The problem is that StarSong released SIX "best-of" albums for Petra over an 8-year period. I think anyone would agree that is extremely excessive.

A list of the compilations

  • Still Means War (2002)
    This is a compilation of spiritual warfare-themed songs from Word Records. It was very well done, and I recommend it.
  • The Early Years, Vol. I (1996)
  • Rock Block (1995)
  • Power Praise (1993)
  • Petraphonics (1992)
  • Petrafied: The Best of Petra (1991)
  • War & Remembrance (1990)
    This was a well-done commemorative box set, and I recommend it.
  • Petra Means Rock (1989)