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Concert photos
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St. Louis Concert Photos

These photos were taken by Josh and Joe Renaud!

Here is a picture of my friend John, Kevin Brandow, and myself. Kevin was a really cool guy, and during the concert, I found myself noticing him more. He sure can sing very well.

Yes, here it is... The moment I had been waiting for. I still can't believe how God opened up the door for me to be able to meet the guys from Petra, but He did it! I was so blessed!

Finally! Incredible, unbelievable, fantastic. I met John Schlitt. What a guy! I can't say much more than that!

I decided to try and get a picture of Broomtree this time around. I liked them, they sure have a lot of spunk. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Jeni Varnadeau, but believe me, she is a very pretty redhead. She's also married, so any long-range plans I might have been coming up with got thrown out the window. :)

I don't suppose I really need a whole lot more in the way of captions. Here's John, belting out another song with his sonic voice.

Here's a picture of John, with Lonnie jamming on his bass guitar.

I feel bad because of all the pictures I have taken, I don't have many of Louie Weaver. At both concerts, even though I was in the front row, for one reason or another, I never had a good view of him. When I scanned in my pictures, I decided to do a closeup of Louie in one picture, and this is the result. It was the best I could do, but it doesn't do him justice (although he had the flu that night, so I couldn't even shake his hand before the concert).

I am still impressed by Pete Orta. Pete wouldn't let John start "Hello Again" because he kept jamming, hogging the spotlight with a nifty guitar solo. By the time he finally launched into the song, John was messing up the words, so he began playing solo again. They ended up skipping the song, and it was the only real mess-up of the entire concert. Even so, it was a lighthearted moment.

This time around, the medley of classic Petra songs was even more wonderfully-performed. The latest incarnation of Petra is really starting to gel, and you could tell by much improved renditions of other less recent Petra songs like "He Came, He Saw, He Conquered."

I am not going to provide captions for the rest of the pictures, because they are of the entire band onstage. They are of mixed photographic quality, but hopefully you will enjoy them all the same.